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1 April 2011

The Vishnevskaya Centre is known for the high quality of its performances and advanced training of its singers. This is one of the few places where you can actually understand what they are singing and follow the plot. All the singers go through a course of speech training among other classes. That is why even as students, the Centre’s singers are in-demand by various opera theatres and festivals. One of the latest examples is the latest production of the opera, “Boris Godunov”.

“Boris Godunov”, presented by the Royal Opera Vallonia (city of Liege, Belgium) and the Vishnevskaya Opera Centre, became one of the major highlights of the opera festival in Santander in Spain last summer. The core singers of this production were from the Vishnevskaya Centre along with other Moscow and St.Petersburg theatres. Several performances were also held in Liege, Belgium.
“The performance ended being a success. And so I decided to stage it at my Centre,” comments Galina Vishnevskaya. “Modest Mussorgsky is my favourite composer. It is incredible how such a genius could have been born at that time. This opera allows young singers to immerse themselves in this genius’s work; they most likely will not have such a chance in any other theatre over the next few years. Each act requires real emotions and advanced singing technics and should be prepared in the classroom before the singer fine tunes it with the director. We have a great group of people working on this production: Ivan Popovsky, the director, who already staged several productions at my Centre, and Valery Levental, a brilliant scene-designer who I worked with at the Bolshoi.

“You asked me why foreigners should come to our performance. I will tell you that ‘Boris Godunov’ is the most famous opera ever since Feodor Chalyapin’s time when Sergey Dyagilev organized his famous annual Russian performances, known as the Russian Seasons Abroad, in France. I welcome everyone to see our latest production of this immortal opera.”

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