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Olga Rostropovich

Artistic Director of the Galina Vishnevskaya Opera Center


The Galina Vishnevskaya Opera Centre was created in Moscow just over 15 years ago. My Mother always dreamed of founding a school for young singers and of creating a stage where her protégés could learn the art of performance and to acquire the essential skills necessary for an opera singer. Many people, however, have had similar ambitions, but through the force of her character and her remarkable will, Vishnevskaya alone was able to realise her dream. She was absolutely certain in her conviction that Moscow was the only place where it would be possible to create a really unique opera school which bears her name.

My many conversations with my Mother over the years allow me to say with absolute assurance that the Opera Centre was the focus of her whole life’s work. Herself a brilliant opera singer and actress with an enormous experience behind her, she knew precisely what a singer needs to bring out the best in himself (or herself) and to build up a great career. Mother always said that there exists no easy way or shortcuts for an Artist, and that the singer’s profession entails much hard labour. She demanded from her students a complete and total dedication to their art – this is the only way to reach the top and to become an accomplished master in the profession. She believed that one must move implacably towards one’s goal without deviating, while always looking beyond our present achievement to seek ways of improvement.

Here at the Opera Centre, Galina Vishnevskaya is with us in heart and spirit today as she has always been since its inception. The students of whom she was so proud continue their training, working with teachers who are like-minded in their methods and ideas. On our stage the opera productions which Vishnevskaya created continue their life, not only from the first to last note of each work in question, but in all the minutest details – from making posters to designing costumes. At the Centre music fills the air; in the mornings the students learn their parts and rehearse on stage, and in the evenings they rehearse again, this time performing in front of audiences.

For us it is vital not to waver even for an instant from the path laid down for us by Galina Vishnevskaya; likewise we must carry out her legacy, following her as our spiritual guide. So let it be today, as it was before and will continue to be.

Artistic Director Olga Rostropovich



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