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Course of study

Course of study

The course of study at the at the Galina Vishnevskaya Opera Centre is intended for singers who have completed or are in the process of completing higher educational studies in music.
The two-year program of the Opera Centre is directed toward preparing students to assume leading roles in the international operatic repertoire and includes the following:

  • Lessons and master classes with the Centre’s Artistic Director, Galina Vishnevskaya;
  • Vocal lessons with leading Russian teachers;
  • Master classes with prominent figures in the operatic world;
  • Lessons with highly qualified accompanists;
  • Basics of conducting;
  • Lessons in vocal diction;
  • Lessons in movement and acting;
  • Lessons in eurhythmies;
  • Lessons in dance;
  • Study of foreign languages;
  • Participation in orchestral rehearsals and performances;
  • Concerts and tours in Russia and abroad.

The aim of the program is to uncover the individuality of the vocal and acting talents of each student, develop and improve the student’s vocal technique and prepare the student to
assume leading operatic roles.
The specifics of the program are: Vocal lessons with a teacher (168 hours); practice with an accompanist (336 hours); vocal diction (84 hours); practice with a conductor (144
hours); practice with orchestra (48 hours); basics of conducting (72 hours); master dasses with the Artistic Director and invited artists (240 hours); lessons in “mime drama”
(eurhythmies (168 hours)); lessons in acting (336 hours), dance (168 hours) and stage movement (168), including with a stage director (96 hours); and study of foreign languages
(Italian. French) (168 hours) oriented toward the preparation of operatic roles in the original language.
In the course of the program, students are regularly monitored by the teaching faculty of the Centre, as well as by leading conductors, stage directors and directors of theaters. At
the conclusion of their studies, students receive a certificate from the Centre.


Regulations on the organization of the educational process of the Moscow City State Budget Cultural Institution «Galina Vishnevskaya Opera Centre» 

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