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Alejandro Fernandez

20 September 2008

Yesterday at the International Saint Lucia Festival there was given a production, organised by Conarte, where the technique overcame all the circumstances. The Russian voices, traditionally so admirable, overcame bad acoustics of the City Theatre. Every soloist and all the choir singers sounded in full power, unlike singers in other productions. The Galina Vishnevskaya Opera Centre’s soloists presented a rather simple production of «Rigoletto» by Verdi but at the base of expressionist lighting and very modern sceneries. To a great delight of the audience who have seen this beautiful performance at the Saint Lucia Festival, they will probably see it again. Yury Baranov (Rigoletto) and Irina Dubrovskaya (Gilda) deserved a veneration of the audience with their well-taught voices, assured manner of singing that suits perfectly Verdi’s most popular arias. At the very beginning Dubrovskaya’s soprano sounded a bit cold, but later in a duet with the tenor it transfigured into purity itself, angel side of Gilda thanks to her great vocal skill. Principal parts in the “Caro Nome” aria were just superb. The staccatos were again light and pure. Approaching “Tutte le feste al tempio” aria, Dubrovskaya was very persuading and emotional. Certainly this was the star of the night. Baranov, all in performing his parts, was at his top in “Cortigiami, vil razza dannata”, where his singing manner was supported by young choir singers who in their turn showed their bright performing skills and actors’ art. The orchestra conducted by Yaroslav Tkalenko, kept a high musical tension, accompanied with highest mastery.